Tomes & Talkies is a podcast by Kieran and Jaan, two budding novelists, where we talk about book to movie adaptions (also maybe some other adaptions… later) and if they work or don’t work.

Kieran is an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate from Essex, England. He was also the head of DAPS, the creative writing society of the University of South Wales, where he and several other writers published an anthology of work written by the student body. He enjoys gothic horror and classical books. His favourite film is The Thing.

Jaan has a Bachelor in English Literature and Creative Writing from University of South Wales and a Masters in Writing from Warwick University. He hails from Tallinn, Estonia though has lived on this rainy island for more than half a decade. He is a published short story writer and poet that writes under a pseudonym to keep the mystery around himself alive and well. He loves hard boiled detective fiction and literary works that get under his skin.

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